User Guide


Understanding Channel Talk’s Pricing

Channel Talk's subscriptions include paid plans: Early Stage, Growth, and Enterprise. Each is tailored to your business size, alongside usage-based add-ons. Each plan provides a specific number of Managed Users (MU) and seats, with options to purchase additional usage. Add-ons are billed based on usage, with no upfront subscription costs.


  • MU (Managed Users) represents the total number of customer profiles stored in Contacts. (→ See more in the user guide)

  • In Contacts, you can directly review, edit, or delete customer profiles for efficient budget management.


Seats are divided into two parts: basic seats (which are necessary for all managers to access the channel) and operator seats (which allow you to organize and manage conversations). While Basic seats are mandatory for all channel managers, operator seats are added to managers who activate the function.

  • If you have a basic seat, you can:

    • Access Team chat

    • Review chat histories and customer contacts

    • Join chats as a follower, and interact with customers and internal team members.

  • If you have an operator seat, in addition to the basic seat, you can:

    • Assign and manage all conversations

    • Be an assignee of any conversations, including chats and calls

    • Change the status of conversations, utilizing tagging and data download


Add-ons are available when you subscribe to a paid plan. Up to 30 actions are free, and if you use more, you will be charged per usage. You can choose to pay as you go or prepay to store usage in advance.

Support Bot

  • Support bot enables you to reduce simple and repeated inquiries, and collect various customer information using a Support bot form.

    (→ Go to Support Bot)

Automation Rules

  • Automation rules allow you to automatically handle conversations based on preset rules containing event triggers and profile filterings (→ Go to Automation Rules)


  • Marketing is a feature that helps you speak to customers first. It can be sent via Channel Talk messages or SMS/LMS texts along with emails, and you can automatically or manually send them to target customers based on their behavior. (→ Go to Marketing)

  • You need to charge the actual cost (PU) for texts separately. (→ Learn about PU)

White Label

  • You can set this up if you want to emphasize your brand only. You can hide ‘powered by Channel Talk’ in the Front.

Plan subscriptions are flat-rate prepaid every month, and additional usage for seats and add-ons is available on either a prepaid usage or a postpaid bill after use.

Plan Subscriptions

  • Monthly: Pay monthly for a plan based on your customer profile storage size and seat usage

  • Yearly: Pay for 12 months at once, at a discounted rate

Usage Payment

  • Postpaid Bill

    • For additional MU or seats on plans: If you store more MU or add more seats than what the plan includes, you will be billed postpaid.

    • Add-ons: You will be charged for the number of actions or activations of Support bots, Automation rules, and Marketing messages sent.

  • Prepaid Charge

    • You can prepay for 12 months of usage and receive a 25% discount on your purchase.

      • You can charge in advance (prepaid) for MU, seats, and add-ons (discount applied)

      • SMS/LMS is not a part of the yearly payment discount (→ Learn about Prepaid usage)

On a Free Plan, You Can:

  • Use team messenger and live chat conversations regardless of MU or seat

  • Integrate with 3rd party messengers such as Instagram Messenger and Line

  • Review your customer’s conversation history within 30 days from when the conversation starts

  • Access to each customer's event history for the past 7 days. (→ Learn about Events)

  • Send Follow-up notifications via text/email when you prefill the balance (the sending limit is 10,000 PU per month)

On a Paid Plan, You Can:

  • Look up all customer profile data

  • Review the past conversation history of customers without any time limit

  • Review customer’s past events for up to 90 days

  • OpenAPI and mobile SDK are available for customized use

You can try out Channel Talk's paid plan features for 14 days. There is no subscription fee during the free trial period.

Start Your Free Trial

  1. Go to [Channel Settings] - [Billing] - [Subscription] and click [Try paid features for 14 days] button

  2. Select a plan and billing cycle, then click [Start your14-day free trial] - [Start free trial]

  3. Register your payment method and you are good to go! The trial will start immediately

Free Trial Features

  • One free trial is available per channel

  • Plans (MU and seats) are unlimited during the free trial

  • If you want to use more than the amount provided for the trial or if you don't want to use the free trial, you can "skip the free trial"

  • If you want to exceed the trial limit or opt out of the free trial, you can select 'Skip the free trial’ option

The following features are limited during the free trial and will be available when your paid plan subscription begins.

  • Sending texts and emails when a new user chat is opened by a manager

  • Use of OpenAPI and mobile SDK

  • Importing customer profiles from web builders

  • Add-on usage (support bots, automation rules, marketing) is limited to up to 1,000

    • Text messages can also be sent up to 1,000 PUs

Your first subscription only pays for the plan you selected. On your next billing date, you'll pay for the additional usage for the month plus the next month's plan subscription.

  • Go to [Channel settings] - [Billing] - [Subscription]

  • The day after your free trial ends, you will be automatically charged for the plan you have scheduled to subscribe to