User Guide


One Time Message

Efficiently send targeted messages to specific customers with one-time messaging feature. It can be used to convey event-related information such as announcements, news, and new product launches.

Before your customer visits the website, you can send a message to the target customer at the desired time.

Message via Channel Talk

You can send marketing messages on your website for free. You can display pop-up messages to customers and encourage them to interact with your brand! From the marketing message to the chat room, you can make their experience seamless and natural.

  • When the customer is online: Send a pop-up message on your site.

  • When the customer is offline: Send a pop-up message within the site + You can send additional texts/emails

Text message

Texting is fundamental to good CRM. No more inconvenient Excel sheet uploads and downloads. Instead, just send a text message right through the Channel Talk application. Channel Talk offers the lowest prices for external text message notifications because we have a ZERO-MARGIN policy. The price we pay is the price you pay.

  1. Compose a message

    A space to compose a message to be sent as a one-time message. Send messages using images, videos, etc. as well as text.

    • You can automatically fill in customer information through custom variables.

    • Information that can be selected as a custom variable is stored in customer contact information and, in the case of marketing messages, information included in the event.

    • If you set an alternative text, your preset input will be sent with that text when there is no value.

    • You can set up two link buttons.

    • You can set different screens depending on desktop, mobile, text message, and email.

    • As for text messages, you can check the estimated price before sending it to the customer.

  • How is the one-time message displayed to the customer?

    • On desktop browsers:

      • Bubble: The marketing message appears above the chat button, and the manager's profile image is shown in the chat button. Texts are displayed up to 4 lines, and the bubble width changes depending on the length of the text(230px - 320px).

      • Full Screen: The marketing message is shown in the center of the screen.

    • On mobile web browsers:

      • Bubble: The marketing message is located on the top or bottom of the page based on your setting. Texts can be displayed up to 2 lines.

      • Full Screen: The message appears in the center of the screen. Texts can be up to 4 lines long, and the pop-up size width is fixed.

If marketing messages are also sent by SMS or email, please note that emails only contain images (not videos) and SMS does not contain images or videos. Customers will be able to see the whole content by coming through the chat links included in the body of the email/SMS.

  1. Set your target audience

    Select whom you want to send one-time messages to.

    *If you have already created a segment of customer contacts in the Contacts tab, you can simply click Import Segment.


    • Send the message to members who haven’t visited the website for 30 days

      • Members who haven't visited in 30 days will likely lose a lot of interest in our site. Talk to your customers about new arrivals promotions to encourage them to visit your site.

      • How to set up:

    • Send the message to customers who have added items to their cart

      • Over 50% of customers put items in their shopping carts without purchasing them. Approach customers to purchase your products by offering special discounts before they lose interest.

      • How to set up:

    • Send newsletters to non-members who have left their email addresses

      • If you run content marketing, you can send the newsletter to non-members who have left an email address. This is a great opportunity to increase brand awareness to non-member customers!

      • How to set up:

  2. Set the operations

    • Schedule a one-time message

      • Immediately: The message will send immediately after clicking the [Send] button.

      • Scheduled Message: You can schedule the date and time you want to send the message.

    • Send Offline Push Notifications

      • When customers are offline, you can send push notifications by text or email to encourage customers to visit your website. When you opt-out of this setting, only chat messages are sent to offline customers.

    • Advertising message

      • Please check if it contains advertising content. Please kindly note that you are responsible for any policy violations.

4) Goal Setting

  • You can set the goal if you want to track the conversion rate of messages sent.

  • When the customer who received the message visits the site and completes the event you have set, the goal will be marked as achieved.

  • For example, if the “Signup” event is set for the goal and the customer who received the message signs up for membership, it will be marked as achieved under the “Goal” figure.

  • If the message has not been viewed by customers or achieved the goal event one week after the customer viewed the message is excluded from goal counting.

What is the recommended image size and format for uploading?

The recommended image size is 30 MB or less and the acceptable file formats are PNG and JPG. The recommended dimensions are 4000 x 4000 pixels or less. If the width or height of an image is greater than 4000 pixels, it will be uploaded in a file format.

What are the suggested image ratios?

The suggested image ratios are 1:1 to 16:9.

How does the image size adjust for different screens?

The images should be set to multiples of mobile and desktop screen sizes, with a width of 320 pixels for mobile fullscreen and desktop bubbles and a width of 520 pixels for desktop fullscreen.

What happens to images that are too long horizontally or vertically?

Images that are too long horizontally or vertically are cropped to the center.