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Customer Classification

An essential aspect of leveraging CRM for business growth is acquiring and retaining regular customers. Channel Talk facilitates this by utilizing smart customer classification and information integration techniques.

What is an USER?

  • All users who visited the website or app where Channel Talk plug-in is installed (including anonymous users, leads, and members)

Anonymous User

  • Users who have visited the site or app but have no registered information

    • Includes an unspecified number of people who have never had a chat conversation nor entered their information.


  • Users with previous chat history or have contact information

    • Includes customer information transferred from external messenger integration without creating a new chat.

    • This does not include users who have not replied back after receiving messages from the marketing or support bot.


  • Users who have member ID(memberId) information on the website or app.

    • After an anonymous user or lead logs in or signs up, they will become a member.

How does Channel Talk identify anonymous users?

  • When an anonymous user visits our site, we store information regarding the user's browser's cookie and local storage and identify each anonymous user.

  • Each user's cookie has a veil ID (key) and contain unique value information. A cookie value called ch-veil-id and is used to identify users individually.

Do you also collect events, detailed data, and session information from anonymous users?

  • Yes, we collect anonymous user information.

  • However, anonymous user information cannot be viewed on the Channel Talk desk until an anonymous user starts a chat conversation, enters contact information to become a lead, or logs in and becomes a member.

  • Anonymous user information is stored for 90 days.

Is it possible to clear the cookie value of anonymous users? (reset)

  • Anonymous users can reset cookie values directly in their browser settings at any time if they wish. (Clear Browser History menu)

  • It is automatically reset after 90 days from the boot of the last page when the user was active on the website.

When do anonymous users become leads?

  • When a chat opens and have a chat history.

    • When a user responds to a marketing message.

    • When a user makes a chat inquiry without entering any information on the site.

    • When a user makes a chat inquiry through external messengers (Line, Instagram) without contact information.

  • When customer contact information is entered.

    • When a user enters a mobile phone or email address in the follow-up notification box.

    • When the user has linked information with external messengers (Instagram messenger and others).

    • When the user logs in by clicking the external messenger icon in the chat lounge (even without user chat).

  • When the manager manually inputs user information into the Contacts(via open API, CSV upload, etc.).

Why are leads important?

  • Lead is another word for a potential customer.

  • From the moment of contact, anonymous users begin to have a connection with your business and this becomes an opportunity to turn them into customers that can lead to actual purchases.

  • Turning anonymous users passing by our service into leads is the starting point for finding VIP customers.

Why is it good to have more VIP customers? 80% of consequences come from 20% of the causes, asserting an unequal relationship between inputs and outputs.

- Pareto Principle -

Why do I need to get the customer's contact information (mobile phone number, email address)?

  • The cost of acquiring new customers is increasing. That is why each anonymous user who voluntarily visits your site is very precious. You need to convert them into leads and turn them into repeat customers!

What can you do with the contacts of these leads?

  • If your leads have left their contact information, Channel Talk's powerful follow-up feature allows you to send a message back to customers who have left your site, encouraging them to come back.

  • Don’t miss any customers by setting up follow-up notifications.

  • You can also sent marketing messages targeting those that have left your site and has not visited since. (→ Learn more about Marketing messages)

Are all contact information equally important?

  • Channel Talk classifies customer contact information into verified information and unverified information, giving priority to reliable (verified) information.

  • Unqualified: Non-verified customer information

    • Contact information entered directly by the user

      E.g.) Collecting information from Follow-up notifications or information directly entered by the user in the support bot form

  • Qualified: Verified customer information

    • All customer profile information except information entered by the user

      E.g.) Contacts directly edited by the manager in customer information, CSV uploads, API input, etc.

Why do we need verified information?

If the verified information matches the existing member information, it can be unified immediately.

If the lead turns out to be the same person as the existing member, does Channel Talk unify them or save the two separately?

How long is the lead's information kept?

  • It will be deleted two years after the last contact with the lead.

    • The last contact includes: chat, site visit, marketing message reception, information update in Contacts, etc.

Can I delete leads directly from the Contacts?

  • Yes, you can delete saved lead information if needed.

Can I upload lead customer information to Channel Talk as a CSV file?

  • CSV upload is scheduled to open as a beta service at the end of this year.

  • If there is no member ID (memberId) information in the CSV file, it is saved as a lead in the Contacts. Customers with member ID (memberId) information are immediately saved as members.

  • To do this, when uploading a file, the system checks whether the member ID(memberId) is included in the data. If there is information that matches the existing member among the uploaded information, the manager can confirm and unify it.

Can I manually upload information about a Lead?

  • You can enter manual information regarding a user if you already know their information.

Can I install Channel Talk in the mobile app to track leads?

  • Yes, you can install it in the app and track leads using Channel Talk mobile SDK (iOS, Android, React Native).

  • However, even if the lead saved on the web and the lead saved on the mobile app are the same person, Channel Talk cannot automatically recognize the same user.

  • If different leads log in with the same member ID, they are viewed as one member and unified. (→ Learn more about Unification)

How does Channel Talk identify members?

  • Members are identified through memberId value in customer information.

  • memberId is a value given if the customer is logged in when Channel Talk is booted. This is the value used as the member ID in most websites and mobile apps. If a user has member ID information, the user is recognized as a specific member.

    • For websites built by web builders, it is installed to identify members by default.(Developer guide)

    • For custom websites, please install it by referring to the developer guide. (Developer guide)

What if an anonymous user or a member browses the site as a non-member first and logs in to his account later?

  • When a user or lead registers or logs in, memberId information is identified as a member.

How long is member information kept?

  • It will be deleted two years after the last contact with the member.

  • Contact point: chatting, site visit, marketing message reception, information update in Contacts, etc.

If only memberId is used to identify users, there seem to be security issues such as manipulation. How can I solve this?

  • To protect customer information safely, we provide a customer information encryption feature.

  • For custom websites, you can encrypt and secure customer information by referring to the developer guide.

Even if you log out of the homepage, member information remains on Channel Talk. I'm worried about security, can I reset the Channel Talk log-in information after logging out of the website?

  • In an environment where security is important, use the following method (requires developer’s assistance)

    • If you look at the cookie value in your browser, there is a cookie that includes ch-session If the customer deletes this cookie when logging out of the website and reboots without memberId information, the Channel Talk information is reset.

  • However, this method is not the default setting for Channel Talk and is not recommended.

    • If you reset immediately, when a customer logs out, they are immediately identified as a new anonymous user, which may increase the MAU level unnecessarily.

  • Channel Talk customer information is maintained for a 30-minute session after logging out and this provides a natural experience for customers.