Channel Updates


2024. 06. 27 Documents: Your Ultimate Knowledge Base

Status updates, user guides, frequently asked questions, reviews, and even featured articles for a content portal. Quality content is critical to the customer experience, and now you can easily create, organize, and publish articles for your customers within the Channel Talk platform.

Benefits of Documents

No more subscribing to multiple tools to manage internal and external communication. With Channel Talk Documents, you can handle everything from counseling to document management in one place, making your work more efficient.

For agents:

  • You only need to subscribe to Channel Talk's paid plan to manage all your customer support documents, helping you save money.

  • You can create and manage articles directly from the Channel Talk Desk, making management efficient.

  • You can create and manage articles in multiple languages, enabling global customer service.

  • Customer information is linked within the articles you create and publish. This allows you to see which pages are being viewed by customers and which pages are generating the most inquiries. Learn more about what your customers want to know!

For end-customers:

  • They will see clean, sleek screens with accurate information.

  • They will find necessary answers to inquiries and communicate in real-time, all in one place.

Documents + ALF

Documents will become more powerful with ALF, the AI agent of Channel Talk.

  • In July, ALF will be able to search for and reference articles in the Documents and have conversations with customers.

  • The Documents provide broader information and reference than the FAQ, so ALF can talk more freely and in context.

  • Accumulate and manage your knowledge and information for ALF to utilize!

Developer Portal

You can create your own commands for your brand, if you have internal developers.

  • You can automate recurring inquiries, such as scheduling customer meetings and changing subscriptions, with a command app.

  • You don't need to wait for an app store release anymore; you can create your own and get started!

  • Check out the developer portal to build an app with the commands you need.

GitHub Integration

  • Integrate GitHub with Channel Talk App Store.

  • You can receive instant notifications for code reviews, issue events, and new software version updates directly in Channel Talk Team Chat, enabling efficient collaboration.

  • PR(Pull Request) and issues in GitHub can be sent to Channel Talk in real time.

Meet URL

Starting a meeting is even more convenient!

  • Create individual links to Meet audio and video.

  • You can forward a Meet URL directly to the team members who need to join.

  • Or include it in a calendar schedule to lead participants to a meeting.

  • Use internal Meet to communicate with your team more effectively.

  • From powerful new features including Workflow and RAG to different auto-assignment options and multiple business hours, Channel Talk is constantly evolving.

  • Workflow is a user journey builder of customizable scenarios for each segment and situation, automating your chats from start to finish. Get ready for more comprehensive chat automation capabilities combined with AI.